Emir the Person

Merhaba! I’m Emir Aydin. Currently I’m trying to understand life by experiencing more. More of anything, everything…

I didn’t enjoy playing games too much unlike other children; what bothered me was more about how did that magic machine work. So, I started messing around in the Windows folder when I was 10. We didn’t have the internet at home back then, so I stayed after school to observe this dazzling thing. I’d download tutorials into my floppy disk and then bring home to learn stuff. Of course, I’d always fight with my brother for the only computer at home, which was specifically for mom’s work purposes. Almost a year later, I started teaching myself programming with web design. Shortly after, I moved to PHP to learn the magic of dynamic approach to create applications. Then JavaScript. Then Java. And it went on and on… I guess I’ve been exposed to 9-10 programming languages. Meanwhile, I fell in love with typography, and generally designing and organizing things. I fell in love with fine art, since I wasn’t a very good drawer, I started making my dreams true in Photoshop. Feeding my soul with those inspirations, I did some cool design work too. When I got into high school, I ran around the city to put the local companies on the web by contracting them. I graduated from Tarsus American High School in Turkey in 2010 as the valedictorian.

Now, I’m 20 and I’m a computer science student at McGill University on scholarship. I wouldn’t call myself a student even though I am full-time, because I’m spending most of my limited time on this earth (~25,000 days!) doing other stuff that interests me and keeps me alive. I’d say web and developing for the web is one of them. Because it was the only way to reach millions of people around the world when I first started 8 years ago, and it still is the same and even more now.

We’re here to make a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why even be here? – Steve Jobs

More importantly, I guess I’m seeking something different though. I hate conformity and adore originality. If you imagine the people in the world as pixels forming the screen that you are reading, I guess my life goal would then be to be the only red pixel on the white screen.

With that in mind, I grew up with reading the success stories of big tech companies, watching movies that tell their stories, and keeping up with the news. I knew I’d eventually go in that path I admired. But in past few years, the general perception towards entrepreneurship is making me feel sick, because people base all their dreams on financial motivations. This caused me to promise myself that “Whatever I do, I’ll do it differently. I have to contribute to the heritage of humanity. Everything is secondary.” With this motivation, I got started in my entrepreneurial journey, yet I have to “suck out all the marrow of life” to make it stand out.

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So that’s Emir for you right here! I’ve spoken enough. Now, tell me more about yourself!